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Sun Jun founded in 1984, specializes in RJ Connector (RJ45 & RJ11) series products of developing and manufacturing, has experience more than 35 years. Based on experience, and always uphold the three objectives of “quality first, customer highest“, “research and innovation, break through the competition“, “staff’s the mainly and manage continuously“, embracing a positive and innovative attitude, continue playing the leading role of RJ Connector.


It is an individual RJ11/RJ45 jack component.   There   are   many different types for selection.

Thecommunication component with more than one RJ11/RJ45 output.

The improved multi-port Jack, it adds the design of the upper and lower layers.

The communication component combines with RJ11 and RJ45, provide the integrated output.

The communication component combines with RJ45 and USB interface.

The module reduces the interference and accelerate the transmission speed.

We offers a wide variety of interconnects. For example, SMT RJ connectors. 

We offers Keystone Jacks at a competitive price to used in data communications.

Product Appliance

Cloud Server

Create the best internet environment for your corporate.

Smart TV

Provide the best voice transmission quality .


Mini lightweight, high speed   transmission,  easy to carry.

IP Phone

Meet safety and call quality requirements.

Machine board

Support standard CAT-6 series transmission line specifications.


Plug and play network access, you can travel as much as you want.

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